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Evelina Utterdahl


Evelina truly lives by her values.

She quit flying as soon as she realised the extent to the environmental damage airplanes has and she is trying to spread the knowledge as well as spread inspiration for people to change their habits and encourage traveling by train.

Plastic pollution is also an issue Evelina feels strongly about and she has done everything from doing a 30 day plastic free challenge to spread knowledge and tips on other platforms than her own. Plastic is one of the topics she talk most about on social media.

Evelina went vegan 3,5 years ago for the animals and it was through the vegan communities she first started learning more about the impact we as individuals have on the planet and got thirsty to learn more in order to do better.

Fair trade and buying products from, as well as working with companies that can prove they pay their workers at least a living wage as well as having them work in safe conditions is a must and can not be compromised.

Giving back to the locals is another thing Evelina is trying to learn more about in order to help other travellers support the people and communities in the places they visit. Staying and eating at locally owned businesses as well as purchasing souvenirs from local artisans is something she enhances especially.

She has an immense love for nature, especially mountains, and one of her favourite activities is to hike or trek in the wild outdoors. Camping is another favourite that she would gladly choose over a 5-star hotel.


“Following your account had made me really re-evaluate my choices and it makes me look at all the waste we produce as humans”


“I just wanted to thank you for the impact you’ve made on my life making me realise how important the earth is and how cruel and ignorant I’ve been treating it! I do care about it now so much and I try to talk about you to others to convince them to take a step and make a difference! Thank you so much Eve! You gave me a whole new vision I do owe you like a lot”


“I am happy that I started following you. My point of view changed. I don’t smoke but I didn’t even think that a small cigarette butt is this much important for environment”


“I’ve followed you since you were visiting my country. Since then you’ve been a true inspiration to me. In a lot of aspects. Traveling solo, being strong, being less harmful to our planet etc. Although I’m having a hard time being as harmless as you are, but I have actually started trying and started knowing more about what our normal daily routines is doing to earth. So I just wanted to thank you for being such a great leader in this world, and for sharing with us all your great experiences, thoughts and knowledge. I’m trying so hard to start walking in the way you do <3 And again I’m so happy that there are these beautiful people, inside and out, living in this world and trying to make it a better place for everyone.”

“I follow all of your stories in KeenEurope and I want to say thank you for these stories, they are so useful and efficient”

“A few months ago, I discovered @earthwanderess. Evelina and I started chatting regularly and I was very impressed about how much she was traveling without flying. Last night I got the chance to finally meet her for the first time, and watch her talk at No Planet B Community here in London. It opened my eyes completely and made me realise how unsustainable m lifestyle was, even though I was doing pretty well in many other aspects of my life. Today, I am taking a pledge NEVER TO FLY AGAIN”

“Thank you for your interview. I learned a lot of things from you on that meeting about environment, recycling, plastics, nature and more things. After that I try to use your advice to protect the earth. And I want to teach my son. You completely changed my world. My life is divided to section Before Evelina meeting and after Evelina meeting”

“My bfs and I were supposed to be flying to Bali in Jan. But after seeing you stats. I’m going to not.”

“Hiya! I listened to your talk at No Planet B and it has really changes my view on flying. I was planning to go to Sri Lanka next summer but instead I’m gonna do a Europe trip and take buses and trains. I still want to go to Sri Lanka one day but it’ll take more planning to work out how to get there in a more eco conscious way. Thank you for inspiring me!!”

“Thank you thank you thank you for being such an inspiration! Since I started following you on Instagram I reduces my plastic usage so much and even got my friends to use less plastic! Thanks for always sharing the truth because I think it’s super important!”

“I am really grateful because of the amazing content that you share here on you ig, this didactic side of your posts simply comprehensible and provocative in a very interesting way; thank you for the inspiring endeavour that you are doing to support our planet and please keep up with you’re great job”